Best Video Podcasts In The World 2023

When Apple unveiled the video-playing iPod in October, Steve Jobs spoke extensively about the popular music videos and TV shows that can be bought and downloaded from the iTunes store.

He was less eager to talk about free content, which could eventually become more significant, such as video podcasts. In 2020, videos were declared the king of content for marketers, when the global pandemic swept across the world at the same time, causing many deaths.

During their stay at home, many people binge-watched the latest shows, YouTube channels, and Facebook videos on their favorite devices.

Many people thinking about beginning a podcast also debuted their shows for the first time and were surprised by the sudden increase in audiences.

Podcasting is a way to avoid broadcasting on the Internet by subscribing to one of the thousands of websites instead of listening to the radio or watching TV.

To highlight the most innovative vodcasts of today, we must first comprehend several important terms. The video podcast usually features an interview or a tutorial.

The popularity of Videocast is increasing, as it provides visual content instead of audio podcasts. People are interested in the twenty-first century to listen to podcasts, especially video podcasts.

Therefore, this article will discuss why starting a video podcast is a good idea and which is considered the best.

Types of Podcasts?

Video podcasts can be more than just one-dimensional; you can take your podcast to a new level. There are numerous video podcast genres and formats to select from – some are quite simple, while some require considerable effort and preparation.

  1. Monologue Podcast

This podcast style is characterized by the host being the focal point and speaking throughout the episode. Individual creators with a story to tell may find this style more suitable; they can discuss their opinions, capabilities, future ideas, and other things.

Bossiness can also utilize monologue podcasts as a way to share their expert opinions on a particular subject. Proper lighting, camera, and audio equipment setup are necessary for shooting a monologue-style video podcast.

It’s important to keep things exciting and energetic, as monotonous speaking can quickly become boring, so don’t neglect that.Best Video Podcasts In The World

  1. In-Studio Interview

A host and guest discuss a specific topic in this podcast style. The number of guests can vary in this style. The option of interviewing is available either for one person or a group of individuals.

The more guests you invite, the trickier it can get to pull it off. More guests would mean more cameras, seats, lights, and microphones, and don’t forget the likelihood of embarrassing moments and retakes.

  1. Remote Interview/Talking Heads

This podcast style on this list is easier to record. It entails using a platform like Skype or Zoom to conduct a video call with your podcast guests instead of an in-person interview.

All you need to do is start recording on the platform you’re using to host the call since it’s mainly a remote interview. Since there is no need to make physical arrangements, hosting a remote podcast can easily accommodate multiple attendees.

It can be accomplished without even setting up lights and microphones. The video’s quality depends on the camera you and your guests are using. Moreover, it applies to audio quality: is the microphone internal or external?

However, if you consider the recording conditions, modern video podcast software will frequently provide you with the best outcomes. You will receive a different track if multi-track recording is possible.

  1. Static Image

Getting this kind of video podcast right is probably the easiest. To create a video file, simply record your podcast’s audio or use an existing audio-only podcast, update it with a picture or slideshow created in any video editing software, and export it.

Though it may seem uninteresting, there’s always room for creativity. Real photos of your podcast guests are a great option to keep things classy and candid.

Use your creative skills to highlight guests’ photos when they begin speaking. By doing so, the speaker’s face will become more visible.Static Image Podcast

  1. Animated Video

Animated video podcasts employ various animation styles, motion graphics, characters, and special effects to enhance the podcast content visually. It is extremely imaginative and sometimes difficult to accomplish.

  1. B-Roll + Interview

This podcast format combines a variety of video formats that keep the podcast interesting and lively. For instance, when discussing airplanes in a podcast about traveling, you could play a video clip of an aircraft and then turn the camera back to your face.

Your podcast may have greater value if the B-roll is something you shoot. However, you must move around a lot and take multiple shots to tell a compelling story, which may also make producing your podcast more challenging.

List of Best Video Podcasts

The top Video podcasts are listed below:

  1. Mormon Stories – LDS

Blogger: John Dehlin, M.D.

Total Episodes: 1479

Mormon Stories is a project that uses audio and video storytelling to try and promote understanding of Mormons

  1. Giant Bombcast

Publisher: Giant Bomb

Total Episodes: 823

This week’s podcast features Giant Bomb discussing the newest video game news and releases, tasting highly questionable drinks, and going completely off-subject.Giant Bombcast

  1. Unlocked

Producer: IGN

Total Episodes: 528

You can find everything related to Xbox One on IGN’s Podcast Unlocked. It offers coverage for gamers who are devoted to Halo, Gears of War, Forza, and others. Get the most recent news about video games every week for viewers related to Xbox Live and Xbox One

  1. Our Week In Video

Publisher: ourweekinvideo

Total Episodes: 117

Ben Bruton-Cox and Richard Shelton, two skilled videographers, talk about their week. They know exactly what they encounter, from commercial and promotional videos to weddings.

  1. The Toast

Hosted by Jackie and Claudia Oshry

Total Episodes: 994

The podcast discusses current affairs, entertainment news, and celebrity rumors. With an extensive viewership among younger audiences, The Morning Toast is a well-liked source of entertainment news.

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