Remarriage and Desires Season 2: When It Will Out On Netflix

Remarriage and Desires is a popular Korean series based on a man named Nam-Silk. The first season has been completed, left the cliffhanger, and now everyone is asking about season 2.

The series has huge fans that boost the Korean Digital industry. Season one aired on 15th July 2022 on Netflix. The story is about a matchmaking company, Rex, serving the wealthiest high-class individuals.

It is a story of struggles between two beautiful, elite, and strong women who show revenge, disease, grudges, and emotions that entertain their lives.

Let’s talk about all the details of the season 2. The production started in South Korea and was also written in Korean. The very first season aired on 15th July 2022,.

There are two producers of the season named Tiger and JTBC Studios. There were eight episodes in the first season, and now everyone eagerly awaits the next season and wants to know about it.

Storyline of Remarriage and Desires Season 2

The second season of Remarriage and Desires will follow the first season’s story. As the name shows, it is about the remarriage of a wealthy man who does not trust women.

The reason for the divorce was the woman who made his life hell. He desires to become a businessman and thinks the whole idea of marriage is business.

However, there are also desires of a peculiar woman who wants to marry. It is a high-class society series with the same trope of elite and rich people.

The story focuses on how they treat wives treat women in general, and women take the narratives into their own hands. The second season will be a beautiful symphony of pretty sophisticated characters.Remarriage and Desires Season 2 cast

Renewal Status

There is plenty of room for a further series, and it all depends on something like Netflix’s viewership basis of the episodes. The series that has a high turnover has a high chance of renewal.

Remarriage and desires seasons have a high rate; therefore, there are great chances to renew the show. Netflix has a solid history of renewing Korean dramas.

Release Date of Remarriage and Desires Season 2

Everyone wants to know when the second season will release Remarriage and Desires. It all depends on the first season because the chances increase when the first season receives appreciation. The creators did not share any information regarding the Remarriage and Desires season 2 release date.

However, we can predict the release date for the upcoming season.  The first season of Remarriage and Desires aired on 15th July 2022. The second season is in the production phase and will soon air. According to sources, Remarriage and Desiress season 2 will air in 2024.


No official announcement has been made yet regarding the cast. However, we are expecting that everyone will come to the forthcoming show.

In our most loved characters, Kim Hee Seon as Seio Hye Seung, Hyun Wook Lee as Lee Hyung Joo, Ji Yeon Cha as Choi Yoo Sun, Park Hoon as Cha Seok Jun, and Jeong Eu Gene as Jin Yoo Jee included.

Recap of Remarriage and Desires Season 1

In the first season, Hye Seung was kidnapped and crushed by Ae. When Hyung selects to marry Yoo-hui, and that is cleared, there is something fishy going on.  Hyung Ju finds that Yoo Hui has slain Nam Sik, takes him out, and tries to have Min Ji killed.

Moreover, Son has been found guilty as Ae-ran was found guilty, but Hye Seung is still alive. On top of it, Seokjun helps Hye Seung find personal happiness by walking her down the aisle when she marries Hyung Ju.

The story follows the marriage agency business company named Rex that caters to the top echelons of society, ambitious souls to upgrade their status by marrying and remarrying into the ranks of the elite. Now, let’s see what happens in the upcoming season of remarriage and desires.Remarriage and Desires Season 2


No trailer has been released yet by Netflix because Netflix always shares the trailer after announcing the release date of the show. So wait and watch the first season if you have missed it.

Originally posted 2023-10-02 08:28:28.